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Welcome to our Frankie Dean website and blog.

Why ‘Hello Frankie Dean’? I named Frankie Dean before I knew that FD actually meant Fiat Ducato. Our Jayco FD-19 Campervan needed a name, and as it was love at first sight, that FD written on the side became ‘Frankie Dean’. This website and blog is our way of sharing the joy and saying ‘hello’ … so here it is, all coming together, and here we go sharing the Frankie Dean ‘adVANture’ online with you – our friends, family and followers.

This site is a part of our adVANture – our opportunity to share with you all sorts of stories. Stories of getting ready to hit the road, packing light (wish me luck), planning and dreaming (I’m good at the dreaming … the planning bit I hope comes to me soon!), travelling with kids and homeschooling.

This site is also a journal of our time on the road, the living out of a long-held dream, our family time together, the  visits to far-away friends, and the long days, starry nights and memories made.

We hope you enjoy the Frankie Dean adVANture too x


Vanlife tips from me

Love writing about this journey and hope these help others along the way https://www.caravanningwithkids.com.au/10-top-tips-for-solo-parenting-vanlife/ 10 Top Tips for Solo Parenting Vanlife

FNQ Far North Queensland

I wrote this blog for Coasting Australia and I’m loving that I have documented our FNQ time in so much detail as I am so far behind in blogging our AdVANtures in here. Enjoy the read

Frankie Q and A.

Here are some common questions we have been asked about our Frankie Dean (Jayco FD 19-1) since being on the road. First of all here is a link to the new Frankie that Jayco have brought out. Frankies younger sister I have decided, Frida I would call her if she were mine. https://www.jayco.com.au/promo/campervans Where do …