Broken Hill = Outback Fix

Arriving in Broken Hill we were greeted by a super friendly fella at the Broken Hill Tourist Park and an ensuite site! These are the BeSt! Even though we have a little bathroom on board Frankie the ensuite sites just feel so special with all the space! The check in process was great! Tips for where to go, what to see etc 

Even though I’m not a ‘ tour’ kinda girl I decided to book onto the sunset sculptures tour for the following night. 

The Broken Hill Tourist Park is up there with the friendliest we have been to. Maybe it’s because lots of people are travelling through and have driven a long way or maybe it’s the great little bbq area where people gather. I love that this park has a paper towel dispenser near the bbq and the bbqs are FREE. The other travellers gave me road advice and tips for where to stop on our next big driving day etc as well as shared stories.

This is our Broken Hill must visit list

First things first.. coffee!! 
The Silly Goat for breakfast and coffee. The Cafe is super funky and as we sat down I was planning how we could visit again before we left. Coffee was amazing and the brekky too. Loads of yummy raw treats available … need to go back ! 

Then as we were off to Silverton I noticed a building atop an old big mine site, the Miner’s Memorial so up we went, the view is great. 

Silverton has something for everyone. The old Jail has been turned into a museum and the girls and I loved this, especially the cell that’s set up with a ball and chain in it, we played guards and prisoners for ages ! There is so much history here and a lovely friendly fella on the desk who answered all the girls questions. Then there’s the Donkeys and the Mad Max Museum and the Pub and Mundi Mundi lookout! That’s amazing! I will let the photos tell you more !

Bells Milk bar was next for a spider and to check out the feeling of stepping back in time to the REtRo era! I loved it and there is a kids area which Gem loved, the spider was super sweet and brought back memories of my Nanna and Pa serving these at their bar to the grandkids when I was young. As Harps drank her spider I shared this story with her.

Broken Hill sculptures at sunset were the best way to end a fabulous day ! We booked a tour though our caravan park and it was the highlight for me ! A really special place. The moon was gorgeous and we watch the sunset, the changing light on the sculptures was magic. Our tour guide Irving was full of stories and treats ( wine n dip etc ) and was great with Gem and Harps. Highly recommend.

I am loving seeing so much of Australia with my girls ! Feeling very lucky 🍀 

Desert fairy at the Living desert Sculptures
Mundi Mundi Lookout
Miners Memorial
REtRo Dreams ! Bells Milk Bar
Silverton Carrot 🥕 Van was a hit with the local donkeys

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