Doing the lap, with no gap!

So I’m doing it, living out my dreams without the elusive ‘ideal’ body.

Although I have a vision of hitting the open road with my girls, wind in my never-knotting hair, instantly becoming tanned, thin and waif-like, with long limbs, a flat stomach and muscle definition. My children will never have melt downs; they will read endless books; and we will have family sing-a-longs and ‘I spy’ games for joyful hours on end.

I know well enough that wherever we go we take ‘us’ with us. ‘WE’ go wherever we go; we take our strengths and our challenges, confidences and doubts too. So I realise although I haven’t got the elusive ‘thigh gap’, and I will get the dreaded summer chaff, I’m still doing the lap … no gap! I just hope the camping locations are within the chaff-free walking zone (that’s where you can walk there and back without getting chaffed inner thighs!)

So this is what spurred this line of thinking …

A few months ago I was at the local pool with my girls. Harper was swimming laps with her swim club, and I was in the kiddy pool with Gem in my bikini. Gem announces she needs a wee, and I’m like, what kid doesn’t just do it in the pool? But I couldn’t not hear this, so out we get and off to the toilet! A woman sitting at the seats watching her daughter in the pools waves me over and says:  ‘I wouldn’t usually say anything, but you look really lovely in your bathers.’  I thought, ohhh that’s nice … She follows this with: ‘I just wanted to tell you, as it’s so nice to see someone like you in bikinis, having fun with her daughter.’ She went on to say she found it inspiring,  and that maybe she could do it too! It took all my strength not to stop her and say: ‘Let me rephrase that – you’re saying it’s nice to see a chubby mum, a woman carrying some weight in a bikini?’ But I didn’t. I took the comment as a compliment and thought of my little poolside chant when I’m feeling ‘not bikini ready’: ‘Love the skin you’re in and live the life you love’… And who knew? … It seems to inspire some women too!

This blog post, funny as it may be, has a serious side too. With the influence of media in all forms, the pressure to look a certain kind of ‘good’ are increasing and I’m going to try and keep it real! I’m going to do my lap, with no gap, and post pics that I hope inspire and encourage people to be comfortable with the skin they’re in – with or without gaps! Mind the gap, don’t mind the gap … just DO the lap!

16 Replies to “Doing the lap, with no gap!”

  1. Love this woman and love her beautiful honesty! Sista you rock – gap no gap wtf is a thigh gap anyway? I think it’s related to a unicorn 🦄

  2. You my friend are a great story teller, this made me laugh out loud but you are soo sooo true! Please mind the gap… if you have it or don’t! We are all different and we all need to embrace the body we are in!!!!

  3. Luv the bikini story.
    Never go without the kini, as all the fattest woman in Europe wear them, so keep it on babe.
    I even have one and wear it all the time. Not in Tassie though too cold.
    Come visit and I want to stay in Frankie in me kini.

  4. You are honestly amazing and I absolutely loved reading this post. We do need to love the skin we’re in, I know I desperately need to so I can show Jessica how important it is to love yourself. Go you!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Argh. Can SO relate to the chaffing thing.. suffered badly up the river in Jan this year 😣. Good on you for sporting a bikini.. I’m sure you look amazing!!. Cannot wait to hear of your adventures. X

  6. So looking forward to your adVANtures. I know you won’t let “gaps “ stop you from doing anything – you are one amazing mumma setting goals and making your dreams come true what an inspiration for your daughters

  7. You incredible being!!! So so inspiring. We will be stalking and following and wishing we were doing it with you. How crazy is this world where loving yourself is a revolutionary.

  8. Well hi there to the three lovelies I am so looking forward to your travels. love the story telling Hayley cant wait for more love and hugs to all xxx

  9. So good Hayley! We too are about to embark on our trekking adventures and while I will always be a beach babe… bathers suck haha!
    In my head our trip is set to be a health kick but really it’ll be with a glass of wine and plate of cheese at the end of the night! But what fun we will have regardless… I’ll think of you and rock the bikini (and pack the anti chafing cream!)
    Can’t wait to read your next instalment for inspiration xo

  10. How lucky is Frankie Dean to have Goddess Hayley and mini Goddesses Harper and Gem embracing its glamour and possibilities for magic.

  11. Hayley I enjoyed reading this so much! Eloquent and funny! You have a great way with words. Look forward to following your adventures xx

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