Frankie Q and A.

Dream camp location

Here are some common questions we have been asked about our Frankie Dean (Jayco FD 19-1) since being on the road.

First of all here is a link to the new Frankie that Jayco have brought out. Frankies younger sister I have decided, Frida I would call her if she were mine.

Where do you all sleep? There is one BIG bed and we all cosy up together and it’s actually comfy. I often remind myself that this time I will not get again, nor will the girls. There are so many magic, funny, grumpy moments and everything between.

How fuel efficient is Frankie? Frankie runs on diesel and uses about 10.8 litres per 100km. So thats around $16.50 per 100km.

Is it easy/annoying to be setting up and then having to pack up to drive off somewhere? We have perfected this over the months. We fill up the water tank, not have the hose attached and we travel light. We leave our outdoor table and chairs and some tubs of gear at ‘base camp’ as we call it. So when we need to head off it’s a simple unplug the power and lock the drawers and swivel the chairs around and turn off the gas..a bit i know but it literally takes a few minutes and with our handy dash checklist we have a smooth pack up.

Is Frankie easy to drive? Now I say SO easy, but initially i was a tad overwhelmed with reversing and driving in traffic etc, but like most things..practice and it all becomes easier. Now Frankie feels better than normal to drive, I love driving the big van that is Frankie.

Please pop a question about Frankie if you have one in the comments and I will endeavour to answer it.

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