On the road again … ding a ling a ling ling ling. Healesville and Traralgon

Naughty me … behind in blogging! We have been far too busy being in the moment, and soaking up Victoria and NSW for me to get my laptop out and get typing away. But here I sit in Bermagui, NSW, and the time has come. The girls are lying in the van having a rest after a big snorkel and explore at the Blue Pool Bermagui, and I am sitting outside listening to the birds and enjoying the sea breeze.

So where were we?

Take your mind back and mine … lol. After we left Bendigo, we went to Torquay to visit our dear friend Nat @secondloves.

We spent a couple of nights at Torquay attending the festival and feeling topped up with beach vibes. Then, via the Great Ocean Road Chocolatier, we drove to Healsville – where we popped into another chocolatier! The girls thought it was a dream – starting the day at one chocolatier and finishing at the next!

Checking into Healesville Big 4 was like a dream. Our site was on the bank of the creek with a clear view to the playground, jumping pad and pillow, and there was bird life galore. Badger Creek runs along the edge of the park and it is just simply stunning; park guests take their chairs into the creek to cool off. It feels like you’re bush camping, but with all the benefits of a Big 4 park. 

The night we checked in happened to be the night that the neighbouring property was hosting a birthday party, and we were treated to live music across the creek. Nat and I enjoyed pasta and wine by the creek listening to the sweet tunes. Although I’m sure some people weren’t happy with the volume or perhaps the music selection, we felt like it was a treat you couldn’t have organised if you tried. This park was definitely to become a favourite

The days here found a rhythm – up early to play and swim, and then arvo naps to avoid the heat and a session at the waterpark on the lake. Must note here the amazing kindness of the Big 4 staff who watched Gem for the hour so I could take Harps on the water – solo parenting win here! This waterpark is part of the Yarra Valley Big 4 which makes up one of 4 Parklane parks, this is the second one we have visited and they are awesome! Check them out here Parklane Parks .

We took a morning trip to Healesville Sanctuary, which is super close to the park (short drive) where we saw the elusive platypus and also had a run in with a cranky (as his space was disturbed) tiger snake. This snake scare has become one of Gem’s favourite stories – she insists on telling everyone we meet. She also loves the eel story (will tell you when I see you, lol). We happened to be there while the Healesville Sanctuary festival was on, which meant live music and a bush dance. I can’t resist the heel and toe – took me right back to childhood and memories of attending the bush dances at the local hall. 

Next stop was Traralgon Big 4 where the focus was some reconnecting with far away friends, and this was the best place to do it. The park is like a child-parent combo planned it! The best coffee is available from reception, and there’s so much for children of all ages to do! I’m talking mini-golf, laser tag, a high ropes course, a pool, jumping pillow and go-carts, along with a playground, gym and indoor play centre! Once again, happy kids, happy mum! Harper loved the high ropes course (I was a little scared) and we really could have stayed a week and just ‘holidayed’ at the park. There’s also great BBQ facilities and a camp kitchen, and the park had a lovely friendly vibe to it. Happy days and fun nights were spent here . Check out Traralgon Big 4.

I am marvelling at the stories the girls choose to tell people we meet along the way, and the highlights that stand out and get shared. From bugs we have seen to the police boat, snake and eel, and not forgetting the funny noises the lifeguard made! Memories are being made!! 

Some of my fav pics for you x

Chocolate stop 1
Big 4 Healesville camped on Badger Creek
Love Harper’s face in this pic . So many birds
No words needed
Games by Badger Creek with new friends
Healesville Big 4 water park! The best
Horse rides along the creek
Traralgon play days
My little golfer. We putt putted while Harper climbed
Up she goes
This guy makes the BEST coffee
Sisters and go carts at Traralgon
This park Traralgon Big 4 is so shiny! Love it x
Checking out of this park was hard! Girls wanted to stay and so did I x

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