Our Frankie Dean is a stunning Jayco FD 19-1 Conquest campervan. It was literally LOVE at first site, when you see the pics, you will know why!

What got me first was the layout , four seats, anchor points for children seats, and a little bathroom too!

The FD, Fiat Ducato or Frankie Dean as we call our home sweet home on wheels

This link will take you to the FD on the Jayco website  :


Some basics though if you want to keep reading here:

Frankie is:

6.4m long, 2.75 metre high (note here, watch high branches)

One bed but 4 seats

A little bathroom

Solar panels

Hot water system

So many great features that Im just getting my head around at the moment. The learning curve is BIG thats for sure, but its often the things that take us out of our comfort zone that are great!

Getting familiar with the Fiat handbook has been a winner and a great little youtube clip I found has helped too. Here is the link that takes you though lots of the driving features if the Fiat Ducato.