Sydney and Summer Bay

After a good bit of R and R on the pool lounges at Kiama Big 4, I was ready to show the girls the city life. After debating whether we should stay at Lane Cove National Park or with family, we opted to stay with my cousin. You may think it would be a no-brainer – that of course, we should stay with family – but the reason I had to really think about it is, because van life is so sweet and easy for us three in Frankie Dean, I like to keep in the rhythm of it. But my cousin’s sense of humour and hospitality won us over, and we all got super cosy there and maybe overstayed our welcome ? =) .

Sydney with kids. On a budget. Hmmm … First things first:

1) Get an Opal card, top it up and get to know the public transport routes.

2) Visit the Zoo – make a whole day of it! See the shows (especially the seal show) and pack snacks and lunch etc. There is something special about Sydney Zoo – maybe it’s the chairlift thingy (what are they called?) that takes you to the top, or maybe it’s the view of the harbour, but its just special.

3) Ferry fun for everyone. Just catch one and cruise around. So much fun. One of our fave days was meeting some family in Circular Quay, catching the ferry to North Sydney and having a picnic in the playground. We watched boats, marvelled at the cruise ships in dock at the harbour and wandered around enjoying the art installations at Circular Quay for the Chinese New Year.

4) Stay local. Enjoy the area you’re staying in … walk the streets, check out the houses and the little township if it has one, visit the local pool. We were staying in Beecroft and loved the area: so different than home and the Epping pool is inexpensive and really picturesque. Again – pack snacks.

5) Homemade Home and Away Summer Bay Tour – looks like this …

1. Wake Home and Away fan with Home and Away theme song. 
2. Head to the carpark near the Barrenjoey Lighthouse – pay $10 an hour for car parking (totally worth it).
3. Go to the Pier Diner and Alf’s Bait Shop. Be filled with joy! 
4. Have massive muffin at the diner (really called the Boatshed). 
5. Take a photo with a photo of Alf that is in the Bait Shop. 
6. Pat the dog that Alf has patted. 
7. Swim swim swim and walk the beach.
8. Soak it all in – the view is amazing!!
9. Discuss all the scenes that have happened on the pier. 
10. Head to the Summer Bay Surf Club (Palm Beach Surf Club) and do a photo shoot. 
11. Talk about all the scenes filmed there. 
12. Swim between the flags and dream of seeing H and A fans favourite people.
13. Drive around the Palm Beach neighbourhood and check out real estate online and know where you will move if you win 5 million dollars. 
Harper, 11, the Home and Away fan (like her mum) had the BEST day! Sun kissed and dreaming of joining the cast 🔅

6) Opera House and Museum of Contemporary Art. We just wandered and took it all in. There is the BEST cafe on the top floor of the museum, with really great views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House – unless there is a massive cruise ship in, then you will get to look at that instead, but that’s cool too!

7) Glebe Markets hold a special place in my heart. These, along with Darwin Mindil Markets, are the markets that I dream of …. my fave Australian markets. All the vintage clothing at Glebe is great to rummage through, and although I didn’t find any treasures this trip, we did catch up with some dear old neighbours from many moons ago in Darwin. The girls hit it off and they are going to come and see us in SA. Happy days.

Sydney, there was so much more we could have explored, but better leave some things for next time. I’m learning less can be more and to love every step of this journey … and not to get caught up in ‘should’ve’, ‘could’ve’ … etc …

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