The time has come

Well, the time finally came! We moved out of our house and into Frankie a couple of weeks back, and since then have done a combination of housesitting and driveway camping, which I can highly recommend.


It’s involved lots of catching up with friends and family, time outside and lawn picnics. Just make sure you have your ampfibian  power adapter , so you can plug into the power at your friends’ house. [I must say, the Jayco FD19-1  has a super sweet aircon that has been a saving grace in this 40-degree heat, along with the fridge for cold drinks and freezer for ice blocks.]

These transition weeks – of having moved out but not having left the state yet – have been great for tweaking the finer points in packing up Frankie. This has resulted in us leaving a trail of belongings at each stop, as I gradually figured out that we had packed way too much and that less is best.


Having some time to practice putting the bikes on and off multiple times, and loading and unloading the under storage has been good for my confidence and organisational skills. I am always amazed at how some things feel so daunting initially, and then, before you know it, you’re doing it without any fear.

This has certainly been the case with putting the bikes on the bike rack. I found a great instructional video which I watched several times beforehand and then again during the process of fitting the bikes on, and now I feel quite confident. I plan to get Harper to make a video of me doing the bikes when we leave this spot, then one at the end of our trip to see how much easier it has become. [I’m loving the before-and-after concept.]

Now that we have moved out of our house and into the van, life feels simplified, and the strangest thing has happened. I hear myself saying to the girls, ‘You play. I’m just going to do some housework’ – and I am actually happy … happy to do the housework! Frankie housework is more like a little contortion workout, and it’s fun and rewarding.

We are all settling into Frankie Dean, and after this driveway camp at our friends’ house, we will be on the open road. I feel like this has been a smooth, gentle start to our AdVANture. Already the time to read, play, ride, talk, listen has increased exponentially, and I see this time as such a gift to us as a little family.

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